Knowing ...


Your voice, your stories, your messages will be heard for all eternity.

Creating personalized messages is as easy as talking on the phone.

Just press record and your messages will be stored on our secure servers.


Your messages will be delivered to your friends and loved ones on your specified dates and occasions.

Leave greetings, birthdays or any other occasion.

your messages will be heard for eternity.


You've left your loved ones the comforting memories of your being.

Add pictures from your picture file or camera to enhance your message and help recall special times.

A legacy that will last forever.

Imagine ...

Mom, Dad and Kid

Being able to leave messages and stories to be heard long after your gone.

Add as many friends and famiy members as you would like.

Even include the youngest members of your family.

Join the 22,481 people who have created their personal legacy.

First Testimonial

"I am still devastated by the loss of my father. I only wish Family Legacy was created sooner. I would give anything to hear my father's voice again." - Joanna A.

Second Testimonial

"I’ll never forget the phone call that John had passed. I would give anything to hear him again. If only Family Legacy had been created." - Donna H.

Third Testimonial

"I was devastated when I was told about Family Legacy. If only it was around when my husband had lost his life in the line of duty." - Barbara O.