Here are some helpful tips for creating your Family Legacy. Remember, Family Legacy was designed to ease the pain of your family's loss. Try to keep your wishes and stories happy, remembering the good times and better days. Also, use family and friends to help you create your legacy. Maybe there are stories they'll want to hear being told in your words.

  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Feel free to pass along your Legacy to as many family members and friends as you would like. Even include the youngest members of the family so that they will come to know and hear who you were and where they came from.
  • APPOINTING A CARETAKER - The first family member you designate in your legacy will be named your CARETAKER. Pick someone who you are very close with as their responsibility will to be alert our system in the event of your passing. He or she will also have the ability to update contact information for your family.
  • OCCASIONS - There are no limits to the amount of occasions for which you can make a legacy recording. Messages can be readied for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more. Want to continue to surprise your friends and family through the years? You can even record  random words of wisdom or encouragement for delivery on days your loved ones wouldn't expect. By checking the box alongside your family members, you can record messages that will reach everyone on your list, as well as messages for a select group of loved ones or just one individual.   
  • DATES - You will be able to assign dates for each and every message that you send to loved ones and friends. Upon your passing and notification of such by your caretaker, your family members will receive an e-mail or text alerting them that there is a message from Family Legacy, which they can then listen to at their convenience.
  • PICTURES - You can enhance your Legacy by including pictures to be viewed as the message is played. Try to upload pictures that best relate to the occasion. For example, a picture of the family gathered around the dinner table for a holiday meal.
  • RECORDING - Prepare before you record. After all, your messages will preserve your voice for eternity. Give some thought to the wishes you want to convey and even jot down some notes. Speak clearly and remember to laugh and use your favorite saying to remind your family of your personality. Don't be a afraid to make jokes and tell funny stories, as this is designed to ease the burden of their grief and to bring back happy memories in the years after your passing. You will have the ability to record, listen and re-record each message until you are completely satisfied with your results.
  • BIOGRAPHY - Creating your audio biography should be a fun task in which you recount the highs, and yes, the struggles of your life. Start with the your place and date of birth. Tell a little about your parents. Then briefly describe your life through childhood. Talk about your siblings, your education and any military experience. Then tell of your careers and accomplishments and family. Try to be narrative, but add your humor and personality, as this is what will be heard by generations to come. Try to keep your biography to five minutes or less.